Scripting errors? I can try to help you

If you guys have scripting errors, i can take what I know and help you.

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Hello there,

I am having some problems with using some of the templates to create the following:

  • Limited customization for multiple characters
  • Simple tappable dressing game for more than one character.

In both of these templates, I am successfully able to customize/ create the game for one character. But I get a duplicate warning error message when I try to customize/ create a dressing game for an additional character. Do you know how I can fix this issue?

limelight or ink? i don’t code for limelight so i might not be able to help

thanks anyway.

Did you change the name of the @character? I think you need to change the label name as well. Add like dressup_game2 or something like that if you want to add additional character templates. I’m pretty sure there are templates for multiple characters in the forum :slight_smile:


Yes , thank you. The creator of the templates responded directly to me and gave me the information for me to change the template to work for multiple characters.

Thanks again

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