Scripting help with male and female love interests

“Male” {
gain MALE
} “Female” {

if (MALE) {…}
elif (FEMALE) {…}

For some reason when you choose female, halfway through it switches to the male scripting

If anyone could tell me how to fix this I’ll be so grateful, it’s just so frustrating!!!

U need to manually select or deselect the gain in the story modifier’s flags

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OH! So would it just work normally for a reader?

I forget to ask. Are u using web previewer or app previewer?


Yeah, just like @HazelJ said, you have to add a gain flag with n the choice- so you would add the choice, then a confirmation choice then you would put the gain flag in.
So you would have

label gender
choice “Male” {

Are you sure you wan to play as a male??

choice {


gain MALE

} “No” {

goto label gender


} “Female”{


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And same thing for female *

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For web previewer, it can’t remember choices (gains) when u go to the next chapter. But for app previewer, it will remember.

As u code both branches, it will mix up the flags so u have to manually select or deselect ur flags while u preview

For readers, it should work normally as they are using app and they don’t do preview.

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Ok! Thank you so much!!!

Thanks :))) You guys just made me so happy!!!

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Ha lol!

if you go to @dara.amarie website- she has the code already there if you want it :slight_smile:

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Happy to help. Good luck with your story :heart:

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