Scripting Need Help Please


Hi guys, I need help so there’s one scene on my story that the main character will bump into another character is there anyway for that to happen? or is their any code/script or behavior for that kind of scene? Thank you in Advance <3


Is it in INK or LL??


Hi :smiley: and it’s LL :smiley:


How do you make characters fall? But not like run_fall… I mean like fall from the sky??


Place your character offscreen on the top using spot directing then use command walks to spot while surf_crowd_loop if you’re using ink


How about Bumping into each other? is there a script for it?


Tysm I’ll try it!


Make characters enter to same screen position from the other sides and then use faint animation


omg thank you so much! <3 <3 <3


@cut to zone 2

@pause for 5

@POPO spot 1.280 146 643

@POPO walks to screen center AND POPO is surf_crowd_loop

@pause for 3

I tried that but it didn’t work…


try removing the pauses


Try this
@POPO walks to spot % X Y in 5 AND POPO does it while surf_crowd_loop

you can change the time, also if you want your character to do the certain action after it use THEN

@POPO walks to spot % X Y in 5 AND POPO does it while surf_crowd_loop THEN POPO is idle_terrefied


Can I ask again >//< How can you use the stand up script when you fall? @RILEY stands screen center AND RILEY is standup_neutral like that?


Yes :slight_smile:


Thank you so so so mucchh! <3 <3 <3


If you just want them to bump into but don’t want the character’s to fall then slapface_recive_angry works like a charm.



Thank you so much <3



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