Scripting Need Help!

Can someone help me how to these:

How to make the Speech Bubble Pink

How to make this Speech Bubble (The encircled one)

How to make the background Blurry like this

It would really be a great big help to me! And I’ll credit you for helping me as well :smiley:

For the second one, it’s readerMessage

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For the third, I think it’s an overlay

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And for the first, idk

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Thank you! I’m dying to know that speech bubble xDD and maybe your right about the third one, I kinda have the idea but I’m not sure if it will work though XD but anyway Thank you so much :heart::heart::heart:

To make Speech Bubble Pink you have to create a New Story named Mean Girls (you can change the title later.

But soon we will have a new update and we will be able to change speech bubbles colors.

And I’m sure this blurry background is made in some kinda program and uploaded as a background.


That’s what I thought I kept reading the thread about the New Speech Bubble style and No one said it was already released so I was curious how the Author did that XD but I guess I’ll just have to wait for the new update then :smiley: Thank you :heart::heart::heart: and for the third one I think the author took a screen shot without the characters in it and then use photoshop or other app to blurr it but I’m not really sure if it’ll work XD

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I think there’s an overlay way to do it, give me a few minutes.

Here it is, if you need help PM me, I’ll see if I can help!


Omg! this is awesome! but is it also possible to blurr the background with the background characters in it?

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but how can i take a screen shot without



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it’s weird i don’t have that

Then idk how to hide that

Do you use limelight as well? I was wondering the style of the speech bubble is different than mine, did you update it or something?

I’m using ink. But in limelight also are this button

I’m using my laptop and I don’t know if it’s updated or not (o_o)

Ohh now I know XD Thank you :heart: I’ll try that right now

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Yes make sure the blurred background is in front of them, play with layers