Scripting questionnnn

What do I have to type after ‘go to’ if the reader has to change something??

do you have a label at the beginning of your customisation?

I have this :slight_smile:

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Oh i’m sorry!! Thank you so much :slight_smile:

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Above NARRATOR you need a label.
like label character_customisation
then you’d have goto character_customisation

Thankyou!! So I currently have this but I don’t understand the fault?

choice “No, I have to change something”{
goto customization

it needed to be in the bracket

Ahh thankyou!!

my pleasure :blush:

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now it says this? sorry for coming back by the way ahahah

That’s fine!
Get rid of “choice” in front of “No, i have something to change”
And move “Yes, I am happy” to the next line

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you need an ending bracket

where do I need to put the bracket? :blush:

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before the speech marks on line 882

But it’s a choice? I am a little confused ahahah

take away the bracket on line 873 and add the bracket at the start of line 882 everything needs to be inside the brackets if its for the choice

like this?

Are you sure you want to look like this?

“Yes, I am happy.”{

goto avatar_end

}”No, I have to change something”{

goto avatar_0


label avatar_end

@zoom reset

@YOU exits right AND YOU is walk_neutral_offset

@transition fade out 2