Scripting Questions

hi, I’m good at writing scripts on episode and would love to help other people no matter what the question

Hey I’m writing my story and one of the characters in the scene isn’t showing the animation when they talk.
It looks like this :
BEXLEY (talk_greet)
EX3 (talk_handsonhips)
Hey, How can I help you ?
BEXLEY (talk_unsure)
I need to rent a apartment please
EX3 (talk_gossip)
Sure, Whats your budget?
BEXLEY (talk_awkward)
Around $2000
But EX3 wont show the animations
Any suggestions on how I can fix this

be sure to leave spaces and are there any error messages if so send it

No there are no error messages just when I preview it she’s just idle

try reloading the page

No she still won’t move

on the actual scrip did you leave spaces in between the name and text also you can try rewriting that part

I fixed it, I just remade the character now it works

ok I’m glad to hear that

Hey, I was wondering how to script your character’s movements within a certain period of time.
Not sure if any of you have read Andrea Elle’s story Love and Dance but she’s able to move each character in time with the music, but not necessarily moving from the same position.
For example the stand_up animation the timing for each character’s behaviour is altered.

Sorry for the long paragraph but I really needed help!

all you have to type is:
@CHARACTER walks to position in number of seconds

@LILY walks to screen center in 5


@LILY enters from right to screen center in 7

@CHARACTER x y z in s
S=number of seconds
Think of x and y as their mathematical terms (or if you know how to spot direct, like typical spot directing) and s as the amount of seconds takes them to go to that plot! Hope this helps and isn’t too difficult, and if it doesn’t work don’t hesitate to reply!:slightly_smiling_face:

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Thank you alyssa but I wasn’t very sure about the z co ordinate and what it meant by percent I’d really like to try it out though.

Oh my gosh, I’m sorry, I was thinking of the wrong thing. In spot directing, x would be the character’s size (typical is 1.28), y would be how far they are to the left, and z would be how far they are to the right. Sorry for misleading you about that.

Thank you Alyssa I’ll try it out now. :hugs:

Ohhh you were talking about zooms

Yeah, I meant to reference spot directing but my mind went to zooms with the code haha

lol I get that

Oh my goodness! Sorry I didn’t see your reply thank you even though it’s very late. But I’m looking for a command that will allow my character to stay still while doing a behaviour very quickly or even slowly. Maybe it doesn’t exist :sweat:.

Thanks Alyssa I tried using the format @CHARACTER spot xyz in 0.5 AND CHARACTER is stand_up but it came up with that it’s not a valid directing command. Thank you for the help I’ll figure out an alternative. :slight_smile: