Scripts changing by itself?!


This is getting annoying. It’s not the first time I see, that there have been changes made in the chapters, not by me.

Happens to all my stories.

Here’s the latest…

Reader notified my that she can’t read chapter 7. I use tappables for entering every chapter of my story Meant To Be. So I thought there’s a glitch with tappables. I entered writer’s portal only to find, there was a line deleted from that chapter!

On this photo you can see in the upper script how it should be. And in the bottom script you can see how chapter 7 looks now.

In the line where I set background, overlay CHARACTERS is without specifications and overlay PLAY is not there at all.
Next line, which specify zoom, is deleted.

This results are showing in the app like this:

The overlay CHARACTERS fell down to the bottom left and overlay PLAY is no where, that’s why readers can’t enter and read chapter 7. Don’t be confused by this photo, because it’s the same as writer’s portal. That’s a background in my story and who read it, knows that.

So what I’m trying to say is, that happened recently. My script was changed recently and not by me! It worked perfectly because people read it and sent me screenshots. I’m not that crazy to do changes like that and update the whole story!!! Besides I didn’t write next chapters or anything in that story since the thriller contest.

And it’s not first time someone made changes in my stories. Last time this happened I even sent a ticket with question WHY ARE MY OVERLAYS NOT VISIBLE? I waited for Support to help me for a month, but all I got from them is an advice, to look for help on this Forum. Then I decided to change all script and went on fixing and what I found is, there were codes added to overlays which prevented them to be visible. Well again, those changes were not done by me.

No one have access to my writer’s portal but me. So my only answer is that people from Episode check stories and sometimes not wanting they change the script and save that - I don’t see any other reason for those changes! And I don’t want to accuse anyone.

But I am wondering- are all other writers experiencing glitches for the same reason?


I have not seen this! :confused: I wonder what is wrong


I have! Somehow my scrpt deleted the latest save data and replace it with the oldest save. But just go to “See all revision”, it should have your old data


Ah, once I wrote a whole chapter just to find out it had been erased. And it was replaced with a character dancing in the center of screen. It was at least 17 lines long. Someone is going in and changing them (I’m assuming).


It’s not problem to fix if. It’s annoying to always fix something what you didn’t do.




I feel like this is happening to me but rarely this is somehow scary.