Scripts problem going to sleep

I have tried to follow the steps of joseph evans and others but they are not working.
I want my person goes to sleep in this background
@ANNEKE enters from left to screen center AND ANNEKE faces right AND ANNEKE is walk_exhausted
ANNEKE (idle_exhausted)
(I am going to sleep now.)

and then i am stuck

I need also one for getting up.

can someone help me please


use this link

thanks , i will try them right away, will let you know iff it works :grinning:

does this person has a site lol

??? i really need a co whriter…

Hi Zoekezoef,

I am available to co-write. If you would like I could message you on Instagram or pm you on here about it.

ok i really want you to help me.

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Would you prefer for me to pm you or do you have a Instagram?

i have instagram so i would like to ad you but for talking it is easyer in facebook messenger because when i am on the pc i cant do nothing on instagram.

What is your Facebook?

anneke erik masset Bellen

did you find it, or pm me, because it is not only from me but my husbent too maybe he will not accept you give me yours instead would me easyer.