Scripts templates, props, weather effect and sounds

Ho do they work in the writing portal
the sound I know that is: you write sound and click on the sound to set off you say sound off
the weather effects I know too: u use them like an overlay after a background with" with" and the effect
But the props and the script templates I don’t know how they work and I think they are worth knowing because then I don’t have to ask so much in here lol. :kissing_heart::kissing_heart::kissing_heart:


For the script templates, there’s not much to it. Just select the template you want to use, select the characters you want to use in the drop down menu, and it should be inserted for you.

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So if you want to add a prop to the character you add the character to the scene so an example would be @character stands screen center and character faces left then on the next line you would add the prop so it should say @add prop (which is whatever prop you are using) to character
To remove the prop from the character you say @remove prop from character.

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I have 3 episodes published, but i am already on 5 and have a lot learned since. So i changed a bit on those who are published to, will the new reader see them ore do i have to do something special.

It depends on the episode they’re on. If they are on episode 4 it will make them reread episode 3. If they’re on episode 3 it will make them reread episode 2 (and so on) if you update it. You can always just tell your readers to restart the story.

If you have incorporated the props into the scripts properly and saved your work then yes, they should be able to see your work if you have published it, it’s approved, and you saved all your work after previewing after you updated your work.

And by some readers you see the choise

do you need a recap from last episode
or no ho do i do that

Would you like a recap from the last episode?

“Yes, please.” {


} “No.” {


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Usually, as the author, you ask the reader if they would like a recap from the last episode. This is only if you want to make sure they have read the last episode. So you can include choices for that which gives them the option to reread the chapter or to continue reading the story. I’m actually still learning how to include choices in my story but Joseph Evans has tutorials on learning how to do include choices on Youtube.

and what do i write were it says ‘recap comes here’ the episode before?

You include a shortened down recap of what happened in your last episode. You can copy and paste important scenes that happened in your last episode or just write it in yourself.

i just copie and past imortend things ip off recap goes here and i can choose myself?

Yes, but only select things which are important to the plot. You ideally want the recap to be less than 20 lines (of speech) and should avoid long pauses. 99% of the time, the reader has already read the previous chapter, and still remembers some if not all of the previous chapter, so will only want an abridged version of the plot development.