Scrolling Background Vertically (Epitube)

I think I got too excited about what I was planning to do, because now that I’ve tried several times and did my best to understand it, I can’t.
My idea it is somewhat simple, but the problem with the coding confuses me.

I want my MC to watch a video on Epitube.

My idea is:
1) First you touch the screen (beach background) to play the video, and a short scene will start.
2) Once you finish, it gives you the option to scroll vertically to see the comments or not.
3) When you’ve finished reading them, somehow leave that scene of the phone and continues the story.
My coding is such a mess, so I’d rather write a new one.

This is more or less what the scene would look like:

And for doubts, this is the overlay of the comments:

PS: The phone and the beach background are overlays as well.
I already read guides but my remain neurons do not let me process the information.


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maybe you can use some labels and gotos and some arrow overlays for scrolling.

for example, once they’re done watching the video, the two arrows appear, one pointing up and one pointing down. pressing the down arrow takes them to scroll to the next overlay, create the arrow overlays again, and when pressed, that goes down lower, and so on

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You can use the tappable pan vertically:

tappable [pan:1:1:ver]

This allows readers to scroll vertically but you have to be zoomed in to do this. Then just add a “done” overlay somewhere on the screen so readers can tap on that to end the scrolling.


I tried but I still don’t know how to do it…

what exactly are you finding difficult? I’ll see if I can help! <3

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Scrolling down the overlay of the comments… now i added an arrow for once the reader has finished reading, but it didn’t help for scrolling. It doesn’t scroll at all…

You need to be zoomed in to vertically scroll. It won’t work if the zoom is reset (0 0 to 100%). Also check which zone you’re in. If you’re in zone 2, then the command should be tappable [pan:2:2:ver]


Ok, I think now I understand it. The mistake I was making was that I thought that what had to be moved was a specific overlay, not everything. I don’t know how to explain it but thank you so mcuh!

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