Scrolling hell!


OK, so for two days happens this. Every time I get a new message in the open window Forums automatically scrolls to the very bottom (like that low that I can’t actually see the damn message).
Make it stop please X_X


Pretty please with a god damn cherry on top!


Ohhhh I thought this was something I did in my settings by accident. Glad to know I’m not the only one


Ikr I don’t like it :grimacing::grimacing::grimacing:


I thought my computer was bugging! I was getting frustrated. :grimacing:


Anyone having this issue please let us know the following:

Link to page this happens:
Details about what happens:


Device: PC, phone as well (Huawei p10 lite)
Browser: Chrome on both
Link to page this happens: all private chats
Details about what happens: every time the other person sends a message it scrolls down. Check the gif below. I didn’t touch the screen.



Device: Laptop, Phone too (Samsung Galaxy S7)
Browser: Firefox and Chrome
My private messages, (one on one messages and group messages)
Each new message makes it scroll to the bottom of the page, sometimes to the lower half of the message and sometimes completely below the message so that you can’t even see it at first.

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Device: Pc and Apple.
Browser: Google chrome and Safari.
This happens in my private messages… can’t really provide a screenshot lol.
When I get messages it scrolls all the way to the bottom of the screen where the black bar is (terms of service and all that.)

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Device: Google Pixel 2
Browser: chrome
Link to page this happens: like the others, it’s in my PMs
Details about what happens: usually when I’m close enough to the bottom of a PM, it just automatically drags me down to the bottom of the screen
Screenshot: I can’t really send a screenshot of it, but fcuk’s got a good example of what happens to me too

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Oml it’s so fricking annoying when I’m reading through chats that I missed so I can catch up on the conversation :woman_facepalming:
This needs to be fixed


Device: Iphone
Browser: Safari
Link to page this happens: all private group chats on forums
Details: everytime someone posts a new reply it scrolls to the bottom without me touching it
Screenshot: can’t really take a screenshot

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Device: IPhone 8+
Browser: Safari
Link to page this happens: Private Chats
Details about what happens: I’m reading through the chat, right? Whenever somebody comments something new, it scrolls all the way to the bottom to the area where it says the suggested topics and the reply button.


Sorry to bother you @Jeremy , but do we have any update on this rather annoying scrolling thing? :smiley:


Thanks for the bump. Well so far I can confirm that this seems to be happening to me on mobile as well as laptop/PC. Will be escalating this for review today. :crossed_fingers:


You’re very welcome :joy:
That’s great! thank you sweetie :smiley:



Just heard back and it seems that this is a feature that we are going to have to indefinitely grow accustom to. Sorry folks and will provide you with any future updates we receive regarding this. :peace_symbol:


Thanks for update.

Sad news unfortunately :frowning: