Scrpt help (choppy animation)

@SHATUTA spot 1.280 264 12 in zone 2
@SHATUTA moves to layer 2 AND SHATUTA is idle_loop_rear
@follow ARTHIT to screen center in zone 2 AND ARTHIT is walk_exhausted_loop

Walking home completely drunk I bump into a woman with familiar curly hair.

so when i play this out the character won’t walk towards the lcoation properlly, he’ll sorta like jump there but I want him to walk and the text will appear as he walks but it would only show up after he reached the area i asked him to walk to

pls help

You spotted your character in zone 2 and then you’re making them walk to zone 2? Did you mean to place your character in a different zone and follow them to zone 2? Or did you mean to follow them to a different zone? EDIT: woops didnt realize these were 2 different characters!

Also, if you want to your character to walk while the narrator is talking, use the & sign for the follow command instead of the @ sign

i wanted the character to walk straight to to the character in zone 2 yeah

So does your character start out in zone 2 and you want them to walk to screen center in zone 2?

he starts out in zone 1 but then he just like glitches out to the next zone but yes id like him to be center zone

Can you post a screenshot of your script?

Here it is

You have to place ARTHIT in the scene first.

it works now ! thank you :slight_smile:

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Closed: Seems to have been solved, thanks all! :v: