Search a story from episode

Hello to everyone,
I’m new here and I’m searching for a story. One of a episode writer that I’m following on Instagram was recommend it on her Instagram story, but I can remember who it was. The problem is that i can’t remember who was writing this story and the name of the story. The only thing I know is that this story I about a girl which try’s to hide her magic abilities… on the cover i a crying blonde girl holding a magical light in her hand and behind from her a boy with black hair who looks very shocked…

I’m very very thankful when somebody knows this story and can tell me

Lots of love from Germany
Ps. I’m sorry for my very bad English :joy:

Is it this:

Hmm? :thinking:

Thank you for your answer but it’s not this story… the girl looked more sad… the Description tells about a city which happens a magical things and a girl I can’t remember the name try’s to hide her abilities or something like that… I’m sorry do you have a other idea ?

Sorry, that doesn’t ring a bell :sweat_smile:

Is it in ink or Limelight? :thinking:


@Mystery.Author Aye detective. Here we go again.

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Maybe the writer changed her cover?

Well maybe but the recommendation was I think last week or 2 weeks ago

Do you remember how the writer looks like?
The number of reads?
Is it about a magical school?
Was her hair blond or white like the snow?

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No :slightly_frowning_face: I swear I have the cover and I little bit of the description in my head it sounds very stupid I know :joy:

I wish I know more :weary::weary::weary:

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What’s your insta?
Or who are the groups you follow?
Those who do recommandations

I’m gonna do the detective Brb :joy::joy:

That’s what we need now hahahaha I try my best :joy::joy: my instagram is @the_broken_grace

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Is that you with the Italian flag, amica?

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Wooo. There’s too muuuuch groups.

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Do you remember the genre that the story was written in? :blush:

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Si girl my true name is Cristina

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Well it looks like fantasy or mystic

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Help I can’t find it :sob: