Search artist for free art cover

Hi I am wringing a new story I am not the best in art and I want to focus on the structure of the story And not the art but I would love it if someone wanted to do my art for free

If someone wants to make a cover for me say it please
If you do I will send you the characters look.

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Check out :white_heart: The Vintage Art Shop :white_heart: (Free PFP’s, Covers, Splashes, Overlays, Art Scenes, Character Cards and More)(FREE)(OPEN)


Hi id love to I saw you there too but I Don’t understand how to do it.
Sorry :sob: hope you understand English ain’t my first language Dutch and French are.

PS I love you profile picture

Hi, I’m sof

It is closed, but I can make an exception if you are interested:) If you are, send me a message.

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my story talks about quadruplets they are hybrid’s half elf and half werewolf when they turn twelve
they’re father is brutally murdered and they’re mother disappears everyone in the pack is killed apart of them wat forces them to become rogues
5 years later a law is voted so that all supenaturals are forced to go to school forcing the quadruplets to go to a colleg full of werewolves vampires elfe’s witches and more
they all meet they’re mate there

This is Maxence the Mc
Maxence is suposed to be taller than sam

This is the love interest sam

I really Hope. you can do it