Search bars, search bars everywhere!


Happy New Year Episode Creators!

We’re starting off the New Year by making it easier to find everything you need for your story! Have you created a bunch of characters / outfits for your story and find yourself doing this?

We’re putting an end to the scrolling by adding the ability for you to search on the character and outfit pages!

On these pages we’ve also added search in the following places:

The searching doesn’t stop there! In the script editor we’ve also added search for all of the right sidebar widgets:

We hope this will help you spend less time searching for what you need and more time doing what you love, writing great stories!

Happy Writing!

The Episode Team


Thank you for this. It’s much easier now.






Yes! This is just what I needed!


This is amazing! Thank you so much for everything Liz.


YESSSS OMGGGGGGGG this the best i HATE looking for sounds and music over and over againnnnn


it it weird that I was really hoping the announcement would be like Here’s a Search Bar, Use a Search Bar, Search Bar - Search Bar - Search Bar!


OMG thank you so much for the search bar in MUSIC :open_mouth::black_heart:


Ahhhhh thank you! I have at least 100 characters and 400 outfits for one story and this is gonna make life so much easier!


The sounds always took me FOREVER to look through! This will be a HUGE help. Thank you so much!!!


THANK YOU sm!!! :heart: :heart: :heart: :two_hearts: :sob:


Thank you so much! I needed this.


Woo hoo! Tysvm!


Yay! :slight_smile:


I’m pretty sure I saw the update before the post because things looked different.


I throw this phrase around like candy, but now, as a person who is writing a story with 56 recurrent characters, around other 50 or so background characters and who knows how many outfits, I really mean it: THANK YOU SO MUCH :hearts:


Thank you!!!


This is great. Was really waiting for the sound search. :sparkling_heart:


omg a search bar for sounds!!! Is this real life or is this a fantasy? :sob: :heart: