Search bars, search bars everywhere!


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This is perfect! I needed it for the sounds and props


I LoVE YOU :eyes::heart_eyes:




Definitely a much needed feature. :hugs::hugs:


thank you this is so much easier




Thank you so much!

That being said, I don’t know if it’s just me, but I have some BG characters which have no display name. When I tried to search up their specific name, they didn’t show up.


Our local purple-haired girl is right. And it is not just her… I am having this “issue”, too.

I am still grateful, but… bummer! Those 50 background characters I mentioned do not have display names because who the heck cares about them. :joy: :joy: :joy:

I guess I celebrated too early LOL.

But at least I have it easier with music and outfits! :slightly_smiling_face:


YES! Thank you.


Thank youuuu


I can search my BG characters when i type in their script name in.
I removed their display name and everything to see if it didn’t work and it still shows for me might be a glitch


LOVE THIS UPDATE! :heart_eyes: thank you!


haha same


Whoa, you are lucky! Or perhaps ParkLow_G and I are just very unlucky? :joy:

I tried everything. I even recreated some characters, searched for them without deleting their display names, found them, deleted their displays names just then… and after that I could not find them anymore unless I scrolled down or wrote their display names again :tired_face:

I will take revenge, though. You have no idea the list of utterly silly display names I am already doing MUAHAHA


This. Is. AWESOME :heart_eyes: Thank youuu!
Especially search bar in sounds, outfits and props. It will mąkę my life much easier :heartpulse:


Oh my god, thank you so much! Forrrr ze props it’s super annoying


This will make my life much easier. :hugs:
Scrolling through sound was a nightmare. :sweat_smile:


THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! This is so amazing! :open_mouth::star_struck:


What do you guys think next update will be?