Search bars, search bars everywhere!



Thank you Liz, very cool!


Thank you, thank you so much! This is an update I’ve been waiting for the most!!! :yellow_heart:


Omg I love this


Yay! Thanks! Already been using this today. :slight_smile:


About time! Thank you for this. Now, all we need are delete and unpublish options for our stories. :slightly_smiling_face:


I’m especially thankful for the search bar in the sound/music effects. Thank you so much, Episode Team! :yellow_heart::speaker:


So helpful, thank you :grin:


I got the update, oh, and the text for characters names is a bit blurry. Is that a glitch? @Liz


omg yessss thank you !!!


This has helped like you have no idea!! On the sounds tab, I alredy knew how long I had to scroll down to just to get to the music. :rofl::scream:


Not one not 2 but many MVPS


thank you so much