Search for someone who is able to make me a free cover art



So I currently write my first story. But I don’t know how to make a good and appealing cover. I would credit the creator of the cover, of course.

My story is about five friends. One of them (in the bloody clothing) died a year ago. A year later the girls get a video of an Unkown user. On the video is the girl in the bloody clothing.
The Unkown person starts to blackmail the girls, but they have no clue in what serious danger they actually are.

So. I looked kind of a cover that has a creepy effect. Maybe a person that the reader can’t recognize, because there is only a silhouette. The four girls in the foreground.
But the cover doesn’t need to be like that. I would let the creator choose as long as it fits to the story (because of this I explained it a bit) and as long as it’s creepy.

As compensation:

  • You will get credits at the end of EVERY episode.
  • You are allowed to credit yourself on the cover art, as long as it isn’t written above the complete picture
  • If you want: Small Sneak Peaks
  • Other legit compensation. Just ask.

Thanks for reading. I hope I posted this correctly. :smile:
( Pictures down below)


I can help and here everything is free


This would be awesome! I post the pictures of my characters right know here. Since I am new I can only post one picture in one post. (:


She is the playable character for the reader, but customizable.





I posted the characters down below. But you don’t need to use them if you have something else on your mind.


No I will use them since theyy are in your story



Alright. Thank you. :slight_smile:


Can you give me the bacckground you want for the cover


It’s a CC0 license picture.


Oh. If you need to Title of the story. It’s “Dead Girls don’t Lie”


Ok and lastly when do you want it ?


Since I am almost finish with the third episode and it also needs to be approved, as soon as you have the time to do it.


Go in on request Art, character editing


I’m sorry if I offend anyone, but you don’t need to use this too. I’m just bored and can’t get myself to do homework so here it is. Anyone can still do it. I’m just bored.


Its ok
But I will make the small cover than
Thas awesome btw which app did you use for that


Lol, sketchpad. Thank you! :heart: