Searching a brillant proofreader

Hello !

English is not my first language so … I have some (a lot) spelling and grammar issues. :confounded:

It’s annoying for some readers. I’m searching for a charitable soul who’s willing to help me. :pleading_face:

I will send you my script . Just tell me if you want the directive too.

You can also give me some advice on the story and directive, it’s up to you and your wishes.

Thanks a lot ! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Here are some of my advice!!

I can proofread for you if you’d like!!

I’ve already read this post and it really helped me :heart_eyes:, but…
The problem is that I’m not sure about the usefulness of some scenes and I can’t tell if people can be attched to my character.
English it’s not easy when you don’t know all the subtleties of two different words.

Do you want the script or the links to my story?
You’d be a real angel :relaxed:

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Of course! PM me. Your proofread might take a bit of time because I’m also proofreading others <3

hey i need a proofreader could you help me ?

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Yep :heart:

PM me anytime :blush: