Searching a for a PROOFREADER!

Hi guy
I’ve been looking for a proofreader for my story!
I have a story of 7 episodes currently coding the 8th.

I’ve been criticize for my bad english :sweat_smile: because I am not a native english/american, although I know 4 languages :joy:

I’ve been looking for a proofreader who can help me :grin:

My story is : Unexpectedly a Lady

Since I am currently at my 8th, I am planning on making you proofread 3 chapters for time just for 2 times to get paired with my coding.

Then it will would be only 1 chapter at time, as soon as I finished the script.

Anyone can help me? :pleading_face:

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Hi! I think I can help you with that, I’m not native English either, but I think I can find some grammar mistakes (if there are any).

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Hi, I am a native english speaker and would love to help!!!

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Hiya, I’m also a proofreader if you’re still interested. Add me on Insta so we can talk about it more :blush: x @leigh.episode

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Hi @Jacquelyne. English is my first language, and I would be glad to help you and proofread your story.

I would like to think I ace at writing, so I think I may be able to help proofread your episodes. If you have Discord, my account name and tag is: Limbium#2480

My name is Deb and I am offering proofreading services for AUD $3.00 per chapter with payments going through my paypal account.

Service includes:
Sentence structuring
Basic directing

I edit scripts via an editable live document or you send me a WORD document containing the script.

About Me:
English is my first language
I am an Australian native

Please message me if you are interested.



I can proofread for you, but I’m a commissioned proofreader. :heart: and I have variety of options you can choose from.
(ex. Idioms, better synonyms, spelling and grammar check, etc)

Which will make your story even better and interesting :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Don’t worry, my prices are really cheap .

For further details, please contact my Instagram @olivia.stories_

Or you can fill out my form here itself. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Thank you :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: