Searching brutally honest story reader



Hey community :slight_smile: ,

Finally, I managed to realize an episode or an idea somehow. :smiley:
It’s about a family and it’s in the comedy category and I put a lot of effort in the script. ^^
My goal? Make you laugh, maybe even cringe :face_with_hand_over_mouth:
Your task? Criticize, criticize, criticize. Everything, everyone, every scene, every dialogue.

I would send you the link via PN :slight_smile:
Also, several people are welcome :smiley:


i’ll do it.


Is the story Limelight or INK?


Ink :slight_smile:


Awesome! I’d love to help you :smile:


I’d love to do it! My critical nature will finally be put to use lol


I’ll do it.


I’ll do it if you still need it.


I’ll do it :grinning:


Thank you all :smiley:

I’ll take any advice ^^


I’ll do it if you want


I can read it if still needed


If you still need readers, contact me on instagram @epy.mirana


I will do it. IF you need reader count me in. COntact me on instagram @elizabethrose.episode


If you still need help, I’ll read your story :slight_smile: my IG is @himawari_1993