Searching for 2 different stories!

There were two stories I have read in the past that I suddenly got the urge to reread but I can’t for the life of me remember what they are called…

  1. her father has a secret son with another woman… the son needs a transplant (I think it was his kidney) the father agreed but didnt want you (the mc) to know about him, when you found out (or after your brothers mom defended you and let you stay at their house) the dad refused last minute, the mc ended up being a match and he got his transplant, the father wasn’t happy I remember him taking her back and abusing her and slightly remember something about him burning her arm on the stove which she later covers with a tattoo but the brother and love interest saved her.

  2. I don’t remember as many details from this one so it may be harder to find… I think she was in highschool but again I don’t really remember… I do know her dad had a daughter and girlfriend (or wife I’m not sure) that died and he started spiraling in alcohol until he came across a little girl by herself on the street (the MC), she had bruises on her face, I’m not sure if it was described as bruises or dirt though, I remember she called her adoptive dad Superman… she was shown as happy nobody was able to guess she went through as much as she did.