Searching for a broken glass overlay


Did a search on google but i dont find one, they are all with a whtite background and the clear the withe background with a gum that is impossible the lines are tho thin, does someone have one?



I have one would you like to use it:


If you give me your email i can send you the transparent one :smile:

#4 thanks a million times do you ever used it and have the little script ho it works?


I haven’t but won’t mind in trying :smile:


I just want a rock putting into a window at that you see that the window is broken, I wounded mind to give you the background of the chamber. pv1_back_INT__FANCY_BEDROOM_PINK___NIGHT_5689792285114368_f0eb9adb41347012c1ea8b6bf82302f7|690x408
I really don’t know how to start on this one. and this is the rock



I don’t have the background but first you have to move the overlay to hit the window. Then remove the rock and add the broken glass.

If you give the bedroom background then I could show you I think. :smile:



the window


thank you


I am still unable to get the background. :confused:


How do you move overlays?? :open_mouth::open_mouth:


now i can see it



i’ll try something


The app is playing up unable to work it out. If you go to directing command may help


Ok that is really Nice of you i am Not home at THE moment i Will see iT when i am home Thanks xxxx

Anneke Bellen


That i really cant :cry::cry::cry:

Anneke Bellen


Is there nobody what can make a little script for me?