Searching for a co-writer (coder)

I’m searching for a co-writer, or should i rather say, someone who has advanced-ish skills when it comes to coding. I have an idea for a thriller- specifically murder mystery.
I would need someone with knowledge of using overlays well, and possibly knowing how to make minigames.
I will get overlays and backgrounds myself as well as any sort of character designs and story.
Tell me if you are interested to do it for free as im mostly doing it for fun :smiley:

Hii, I’m a paid coder with lot’s of experience.
You can check my thread for examples, prices and feedbacks🖤

My insta. @/tessa_writez

Ah, thank you- but im searching for someone who’d do it for free, just to have fun. Sorry, i don’t mean to offend you with that in any way…

nah, that’s totally fine!

Good luck finding someone! :smiling_face:

Thank you :slight_smile:

How many episodes do you have in mind for this story? Or better how many scenes/episodes do you want to be coded?

hmm… i wasnt thinking about how many episodes, but probably not more than 10. I’d love to have minigames if possible, but not necessary. But the knowledge of using overlays would be very appreciated…

I can help you.
I have a story published, if you want you can read some of it to see my coding. That’s not necessary, it’s totally up to you.