Searching for a coder (for free)

Hello there friends! I, once again, trying to find a coder to work together on stories that have already been finished as a script. They can work whenever they want to, there will be no deadlines, and of course they will be able, as a team we would be, to change anything on the script. So if you are a coder and writing is not your cup of tea, hit me up!

xxx Sophie :]


Hello! I would be happy to help you out. Though I will be on a trip starting the 8th 'till the first week of August. Just letting you know just in case. I will look forward to seeing your response!

x Asteria

If you ever need more help, I’d be more than happy to help because I absolutely love coding! :sparkling_heart:

Hello I’m looking for the same thing and I would love to know if we can work together