Searching for a cover artist!

Okay I’ve been looking for an artist that does realistic looking work for DAYS. So if anybody thinks they’re up to a challenge, PLEASE help me :weary:


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The name of my story is HU$TLE & I need the cover to look as realistic & professional as possible. I want my character to be looking into a mirror applying lipstick.


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and this is my character Ari’Lynn Brown

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I want her reflection to be clear, & she has on a black graduation cap & gown, but her actual self (not her reflection) needs to have on a deep red bralette with tassels that sparkle gold, along with matching shorts and of course the tassels that sparkles. She’s african american, her skin may look lighter in the picture for some reason but request the exact skin color & i will let you know.

i also want this to start from her bum & up. (she’s an exotic dancer so please dont give her a flat bum.)

If any one can help me PLEASE help me don’t be shy!!!

I WILL give credits !!


Try here
Sammie’s Art Shop (FREE) [OPEN]


I recommend you check out an art shop in the creator corner in the art resources, I’m sure you’ll find an open art shop that does realistic art or whatever your looking for.

i have, and the ones i came across havent really met what i wanted. the work is great but just not what i want

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This is a very unlikely chance to find a realistic artist willing to do this for free. If u want all the things listed in your request, u will have to start looking at commission artists. The artist who I think is most likely to be able to complete this work for u for a very low price, is @dxrkdusk on Instagram. All she asks for to do an art piece, is a tiny donation of £5. Obviously that’s England’s currency so it’ll change based on what currency u use but she’s one of the cheapest but most talented artists I’ve ever seen (:

Link to her account = Dark Arts :smiling_imp: (@dxrkdusk) • Instagram photos and videos


I can help if you want, this was the last cover I made and it was approved!!

star crossed|362x499


you did such a great job ! do you think your up for the challenge ?

That’s ok! I

Sureee! PM me and lets create something awesome. :smiley:

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just placed a request !


If you still need help, I draw semi realistic art in low price

thanks, but i’m looking for someone that doesnt charge !

Ok please clarify this in the description of the topic