Searching for a "no motivation" cure


Hi! I’m a newly published author and I’ve been feeling kinda down and I don’t have motivation to continue writing, but I do at the same time love it and don’t want to disappoint anyone who are waiting for my next chapter. I was hoping for someone to share some cure to this “no motivation disease” and get me back on my feet. This could also help others who don’t feel motivated to write! Even the slightest thing could help!
Thank you so much! :blush:


I’m sure your story is great and theres no need to feel down because its about what you love doing and if you love doing then keep doing it to the best of your ability don’t let anyone or anything bring you down you are strong and you know yourself better than anyone else


I would love some advice on this because I feel it all the time :joy:


you can try everything like distracting yourself or running away from it but sometimes its better to face it and keep telling yourself that you are strong because you are


Definitely agree. Thank you!


This is so me right now. I haven’t been able to write even half of an episode in weeks. I’m still on episode 1 actually. I have a great story in mind and I would love to write it, but I just don’t get anything written.


no problem


This message literally makes me feel better! I should totally keep that in mind while I’m writing!


thats what happened to me at first but its normal to take some time to think about it


Yeah I feel you. If I created a story on Episode I clearly wanted it out there, so the goal that reminds me to keep going is just to finish the story so that it’s there for anyone to read and enjoy in its entirety. So you could at least say you finished it and it’s there! There’s the proof. Especially if it’s unique, someone will find it and get a good read out of it.


And ya know what, in the end you need to realize that not everyone is going to appreciate your work. I’ve done so many changes to my original planning on my story that it’s not even mine anymore just because I did what fans asked. Just make sure to keep it your work because it’s something you’re passionate about. You won’t be able to please everyone, and that is OK!! True fans will love it no matter what :heart:




do what you like and what you like only


I guess. I have been giving the first episode alot of thought, but I still don’t know where to go with it. It’s almost like I’m waiting for someone to come and tell me “write a scene like this” and then I would just go from there. :sweat_smile: It’s so frustrating to kind of have the motivation, but still kind of not having motivation at all…


think about it a little longer theres no rush


Wow, thank you! These are so helpful! I think the real cure is for someone to help you back up with some sort of motivation quotes! :blush: Already helped me!


I would suggest that you write out your entire story plot line before starting. I swear this helps so much! I mean you don’t have to write out the entire plot like but write it out detailed for at least 10 episodes and use it when writing and it helps so much!!


thats a great idea!


Do you mean like an outline? I have a bullet point list, I have made an outline and then changed it atleast 3 times for the first episode… :sweat_smile::joy: and i have detailed character profiles too. I have everything I need, but something is missing?


maybe your not passionate enough about this story