Searching for a "no motivation" cure


I literally type everything out almost as if I’m writing a book. Everything is well detailed and I spent about 2 entire word pages for my first epiosde. :joy:


I could try that. Thanks for the advice!


No problem. Btw what are you writing about?


I don’t think that’s the problem. I know what is hoing to happen in the story, but I don’t know how to get there. And I’m really new to writing.


just do the best you can and like @EpisodeAfra said plan it out and lets see where you go from there


It’s about this shy girl who’s parents work a lot, so she spends most of her time alone at home. Her dad turns out to be a criminal. She’s in danger and has to run away. On her journey she will become more self confident, find her true self and fall in love.


I deleted my story because I had 0 motivation to do it. Currently I’m not working on any stories because I have no motivation . I have only motivation for exercising and making covers for people.


write about something you like not what you think other people would like


For me it’s not that I think my stories are terrible , I think they are great but I just have zero motivation and I don’t know why.


i think everyone doesn’t like their own stuff like me for an example I’ve been writing on episode for so long and don’t get me wrong I know how to code and everything but I’ve never published a story


I’ve been having the same issue.


I thought about it, and maybe for me, the problem is not the lack of motivation. Maybe I’m just trying too hard to make a story that everyone would like, when that is never going to happen. You can’t please everyone.


Listen some music while writing the story or before


thats what i do all the time


music most of the time gives me headaches


It depends on which type you listen to


what kind of music DO you listen to???


Again it depends on your musical taste for example I don’t like listening old music so I normally listen to something I haven’t heard before


Well if you use headphones for your music and you get headaches just turn down the volume a bit or just not use headphones. If you have it up too loud it might cause tinnitus, where you get a loud ringin your ear after having music up to loud playing in your ear.


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