Searching for an artist for an art scene

I’m currently working on a story and i have 3 art scenes i want done, i have all pictures for inspiration and my characters ready to show you, i would even pay! however im only 13 so i dont have the greatest amount of money but if anyone wants to do it please show me your work and hopefully we can work something out! <3

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Hey i can surely do my commissions r open
I have send some examples through ur pm

hey, i’m an artist with open commissions! here are some examples and my price list! but i can give you a discount since you don’t have a lot to spend! :heart:
prices are in Indian Rupees, please convert!

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Hi there!! I would love to help you out!! :heart_eyes:
I do comissions but they are cheap! :blush: (prices always negotiable)
Hope I can work with you on this, let me know if you are interested, it would mean a lot!!


More examples

Thank you so so much in advanced!! :heart::heart::heart:

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Hi there. My commissions are also open so far. If you’d like to get an art scene or a cover done you always DM me on my IG @mystery.artistz.

My example work:

I also have a giveaway open in case anyone is interested in entering. The winner will receive multiple prizes.

Have a great day.

Hi i do commissions so no free arts but they are cheap! The only thing is that you need to have paypal (i don’t take nothing else)
Here some samples of my recent works :