Searching for co-author for new story in the works

As the title suggests, I’m looking for an experienced writer who’s best at drama and romance.

Preference to someone who is familiar with my current story, as this collaboration would be for the “Karen” spin-off.

I have a lot planned out but am struggling with some key elements of my plot which is why I’m looking for someone to help me fill in the blanks and also help with the ending.

You’d be credited fully as an equal co-author.

Thank you in advance!

For a sneak peek of this upcoming story please visit my instagram and check out my IG highlight called “Karens”


Hello, if you’re still looking for a partner i’d be up for it, you can reach me here or on Instagram Beryn.ep

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Hi there! I’m kind of interested with working with you on your new story. Is the co-author spot still open?


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It is! Are you familiar with my current stories at all? This is a spin-off. Also, what stories have you written so far? I’d like to check them out!