Searching for Co-writer

Hello! I’m searching for a writing partner/best friend :stuck_out_tongue: that I could write stories with. I’ve been working on my first story which I am taking off of Wattpad to put on here. I work 3 jobs so it’s hard for me to balance writing and directing at the same time. If you can direct, that would be perfect. Of course, I can help with directing when I am free. I will be open to ideas with the script as well. I willing to work to be successful on here so if you have that same drive, please pm me! <3

I would love to help! I am not the best though so finding another person to make a group would prob be best.

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omg yes! i’d be down for a group!

1 Like is the document we can all work from.

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Closing due to one month of inactivity :slight_smile: