Searching for Open Art Threads

IDK if its in the right topic section if not sorry

I am currently looking for OPEN Art Threads specifically if not to much to ask for threads that can do DRAWN Splashes…if you know of any please reply down below with their links… im in need of a couple of splashes from a variety of artist…I want to show your guys work

And once again let me self promote :joy: Feel free to check out my Threads
Lunaas Text Overlay Thread

List of Helpful Threads

List of Script Template


I can draw and so splashes and I have a thread. Also what style do you need it in?

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I’m willing to try Limelight art so I think I can help :two_hearts: Also I have a thread that’s dry af but I make alot of things there :joy:

omg i think i love you :heart: ok let me finish gathering my info and ill head right on over

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:joy: Alright and glad to help. Just warning you now I haven’t down Limelight art in months.

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hahaha its ok honesty take your time… i am in no rush…just ask @SASB lol im patient i can wait …i requested a cover (or like 3) from her a while back and she just completed one and i love it and she took her time with it and i never once rushed her


I think this one is new. Never really seen it around.

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I already made her the splash she wanted so idk if she’s still looking