Searching for overlays and backgrounds

Yesterday there were a lot of templates posted, but without the right background or overlay it will not work i have made a list of what we have not in episode.
EXT. OUTDOOR RESTAURANT OL - NIGHT with PODIUM 7 (overlay podium) background ok we have but not the overlay? so we need the podium and it is not the standard podium what is in episode.

INT. CLUB - NIGHT with EFFECT COLORED SPOTLIGHTS (effect colored spotlights)The background you can’t see people and ho with the effect coloured spotlights? background ok but effect coloured spotlights??? searching.

EXT. BEACH WEDDING RECEPTION - DUSK with DRUM SET (overlay drum set)the background is there but not the drumset. there is a drumset in episode but is it the one, background ok.

INT. TAVERN - NIGHT with TAVERN BAR (overlay tavern bar)Here there is nothing we have. Can be any tavern

EXT. CAR CRASH - DAY with EFFECT SMOKE (effect smoke)effect smoke we don’t have the background is.

L’ets all find those so we can use the templates.

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nobody :sob:

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