Searching for partner🥰

Hey guys! :star_struck: I am searching for writing partner (aka someone who can code a story) cuz like I have a lot of ideas for stories but Idk how to perfectly code :sleepy::disappointed_relieved: I know I can find a totorials on internet but It is hard and with my english grammar. :cry: I can make a cover create characters think about a story line buut that coding… :grimacing: So please someone who can and want to code my story ideas? I would be very grateful :heart: thank you :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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If you have a full script and notes to give context (sad, happy, sarcastic etc) I could probably help. I’m pretty good at coding and proofreading.


Hi! For that I would be rly grateful. But like I have wrote some things about the story not everything just something and also I have it in mine language (thats not english) so would ned to translate it if u could help. [So if u could help (and want of course) we can contact each other on IG maybe and discuss it together] :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: and thx for answer.

I don’t actually have a seperate epsiode instagram, just my personal one. So give me a minute and I’ll make a .epi instagram. ( I planned on doing it anyway just never got around to it :laughing:)

@colecatalyst.epi is my insta