Searching for someone to help me code my story

Hello ! So i’m currently writting a fantasy story and was like “this can’t be that hard !”
I spent 1 week (20-30hours, if not more) coding the first chapter.
I have the ideas (open to other ideas of course) but i’m so sloooooow
I won’t survive please someone help me lol

Some precisions cause I didn’t choose the most simple story and system lmao

  • There is 3 point systems (yeah sorry about that lmao I’m crying too) Character points, power points and personality points. (Explained in chapter 1)
  • 3 love interests (1 male, 1 female and 1 female/male (choice) but I don’t know how to script the choice lol
    For now I kept a female main character because, again, don’t know how to script the choice lol
  • It’ll be a very long story (I’d like at least 30 chapters)

I can answer other questions in private :wink:

Here is my instagram if you’re interrested : lucie.writer.episode

Thanks in advance :wink:

so you want the reader to pick the gender ?
cause if that is it i can do that all that and the other stuff to
I don’t have inst so pm me if you want

And if you want any thing in russian spanish i can do that for you to i speak more then that so ya

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For future reference, you can use Dara’s website as your help point. She has a lot of templates and guides on how to do most things. For example, if you have a problem picking the gender of LI and coding it, she has this explained here with the code you can copy and paste:


Thanks a lot omg I’ll try that !

Oh… My… God… The time I wasted !!! There is everything ! I’m gonna cry it’s perfect !
At least now I learned how to code in this but still… 20 hours :sob:
Thank you smmm


so do you still want me to code

Hey ! I still don’t know sorry I had more answers then I thought and the size of the project seems enormous but I’ll send a message when I’ll be sure of what I want ! Thanks for the reply


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