Searching PNG images on google with high resolution? Click this!

My search engine is Google.

First, search for what are you looking for.

Second, click Images

Third, click tools

After you click the tools this will appear below

***Click Colour and choose " Transparent" ***

Also, if you want them in high resolution, click Size and choose " Large "


This is what I get:

This helps me so much and I hope it will help you too! :blob_hearts:

images on google the majority of the time aren’t royalty free so you wouldn’t be able to use them as overlays (:


there is also usage rights option right? Click on creative common license

yep there is but this thread by the looks of it didn’t use that so they’ll be copyrighted

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Yepp!! But still it’s safe to ask backgrounds from the forums and give credits to them in the end of the chapter.

Yeah if it’s been shared on the forums it’s most likely royalty free

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