Seatbelt overlay needed

Does anyone have a seatbelt overlay they could send me or could anyone make one? The episode own one isn’t want I want, I only want the seatbelt. Can anyone help? xx

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There’s a seat belt overlay in the art catalog in the portal. Try searching “CAR INTERIOR”, and you should be able to find it :))

I know, but it also includes a mirror at the top and it’s just not really what i’m looking for xx

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I can cut the top, if you’d like? :upside_down_face:

that’d be great!! x

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Do you want me to cut the bottom too, with only the seat belts left, or no? :thinking:

yes please i only want the seatbelts, nothing else x

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Great, I got it! :wink:

thank you x

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Np! :blob_hearts: