Second pfp contest!

So I decided it was time for a new pfp pic. I’m holding another contest but theres one major thing you need to know. I love Shawn Mendes and so I was thinking why dont I see y’alls creativity. You can do a edit drawing or whatever you want as long as it has Shawn Mendes on it.


  1. Be nice and be fair
  2. Dont copy others work [Dont steal as well]
  3. If you are adding a watermark please make sure it’s small if you win I’ll will tag you in my profile bio
  4. It must be something with Shawn Mendes on it
  5. It must be creative so edits, drawing, things with overlays, or lyrics
  6. No baby face. This means late 2017 to this year photos of him

Deadline is December 14th I may push it back but I’m in desperate need so yeah. If you have any questions pm me or of you need a pic of him.

Also the one I’m using now is a example of what to do


I will join

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Will close if no one else enters

I will be happy to join!

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Moved Deadline to end of next week

Bumpity Bump!

@Sydney_H or @Jeremy can one of you close this since I only got two people who joined but never a entry

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Sure thing! Closed as per Op request.

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