Secret love interest?

in almost every story the li is introduced to us like a gift, I think it would be fun to find out your li yourself, what do you think?


as someone with experience on episode. I can tell you, you will get a lot of fanmail asking who is the LI.

I got that with my story there did not have a LI. like legit the entire story took place over 24 hours. and my other story with five LI. and a Q&A there tell, they both have gotten multiple who is the LI questions from readers.


I heard that from others. It’s like every reader is obsessed with knowing who the li is . I just think it’s so unrealistic to be introduced to the li on beginning of the story. in real life you don’t get introduced to your future husband/wife… it’s choose your story, I’d rather not know who the li is and build a relationship with multiple guys/girls and end up with the one with the highest points than read a bad boy cliche lol


I’ve actually read a story that was different from all of the stories I have read in 2 years…it was “pleasure room”.It is not that type of story,The name of story says different, it is not like that at all. In the story you know the LI but don’t know how he looks . I literally fell for that episode character without seeing his face for almost entire story :joy:.In almost the end you get to see him and customize him. It was fun not knowing his face .It was fun because the story had 30 maybe 29 episodes and weren’t thatt lengthy
If you want the LI to be a mystery you could do somethin’ like that like making someone a mystery.


Do you remember the author’s name? This sounds like an intersting read! : )

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Yes Its “The Pleasure Room” by Miru , Yea It is an interesting story<3


OMG, I read that story too. It’s written by Miru, in LL and in INK. It’s the one of the few mystery stories I really loved to read.

I agree with @AVeryniNe.


Wuut??Really? I literally cried in last episodes :sob: but those tears truned into happy tears soon ya know : )

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Yeah, I know. Same here.

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