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Secrets of Crosswell High

(loosely based off 13 Reasons Why)

Crosswell High. The small high school where everybody knows everybody. Everyone has dark secrets, and no one is how they seem. There are only two types of people in Crosswell High, the thriving and the surviving. The thriving, of course, are the ones that everyone loves and respects. The surviving are those who are unknown to most and forgotten by all. Every move is known, and any mistake made can ruin your life.

Rosaleigh Anniston. A student at Crosswell High. She was a surviving student for all of her freshman and sophomore years, and then after summer break she suddenly became popular, and thriving. Rose had some sort of relationship with everyone, and she was a big mystery to most people. Then on 20th February, Rosaleigh Anniston killed herself.

3 days later, students of Crosswell High come back to school after the mid-winter break. The police didn’t do much to investigate into Rose’s death, but that didn’t stop some students from doing their own investigation. A small group of students decided that there was more to it than a girl who committed suicide, and they knew that there were people responsible for it - and they were going to find out who they were.

Still open for anyone to help out on this, if you want to please PM me :slight_smile:

Character spots:
Students : Unlimited
The ‘Detectives’ : 5/5 taken @Ella @Daisy_Flower1 @leslie.creates @riahh30 @kale
The Crosswell High Investigation Website


@fal.renet1398 @Kale @Madilnel @livvy613 @Daisy_Flower1 @Epi.Sympatics @Blonde_Glasses_Girl @ThatRandomPerson @riahh30 @ezzzzz


Can I reserve for a student and a detective?
Also I’d lbe halpy to help with this if you’d like.


Can I reserve for a detective and student also?


Can I reserve for a female student and a detective?


Can I reserve for a detective?


Reserve for 2 Students and Detective?

1 person I think will LOVE this



Reserve for a student?


Can I reserve for a student?


I’m so excited for this! :eyes:


Reserve for 3 students… :sweat:


Reserve for detective and student please.


When will this start? :grinning:


Probably when everyone has got a good and interesting storyline with Rose, I’ve sent PMs to some people but haven’t sent to everyone yet


hey guys, we need more males! can some people please submit male characters since we only have like 2 or 3 right now.

@Blonde_Glasses_Girl @riahh30 @Kale @leslie.creates @ThatRandomPerson @Livvy613 @CoolEpisodes

Also @Livvy613 , @leslie.creates and @ThatRandomPerson your faceclaims don’t work, can you send then again over PM?


I can submit more


ill reserve a student. do you need more guys or girls?


I would prefer guys, since we have 8 girls and 3 guys


I can make a guy then!


Thank you!
Also for the relation to Rose, it’s more of a ‘what is your part in Rose’s suicide?’ instead of relationship.