Secrets of Crosswell High || Roleplay Signups


Is then my answer okay or not?


@Madilnel when can you get your character in?


Also tagging other people who voted on the poll and would love if you guys joined! :slight_smile: :
@fal.renet1398 @summerlush @Caticorn @IIChanII @epi.alyssaa @Beth_Episode @annaclaire721 @16AngelCat @Skyzor @Art3Miss


I’d like to join. This will be my first RP on here, do you mind? I’ve done a few on other sites tho. And I could make a male charachter, that’s not a problem for me :slight_smile:


Reserve for a male student!

Also, I have a question! Are we allowed to start discussing relationships or does everyone already know each other through Rosaleigh?


We can (probably), since it was like that in her previous RP. Sorry Ella if not!


Thats great, thank you @Leytey @IIChanII

Also yeah, feel free to start making relationships, I’ll put the faceclaims on the next post


Here are the faceclaims!

Discuss relationships here, and tag me when you have your relationship sorted so I can add them to the faceclaims!

@Leytey @IIChanII @Blonde_Glasses_Girl @riahh30 @Kale @leslie.creates @ThatRandomPerson @Livvy613 @CoolEpisodes


My characters Hermione and Jonas are open for any relationships!


Does anybody want a relationship with Bronwyn?


Any one want a relationship with Skye Parks? I’ll be making my male soon, who’s Night Moore.


@Ella is that relationship with Hunter and Hermione still happening?

Does anyone want a relationship with Elizabeth?


I can have a relationship with Night Moore


I’ll be making Night, right now :slight_smile:

And, okay.




For the relationships with Rosaleigh section, I was thinking of making a character that’s related to her. For example, a cousin or a half - brother.

Also, to anyone who wants any relationship with male character (that I have soon to create), make sure to hit me up.


Okay that’s cool! I think we should talk over PM more detail into their relationship :slight_smile:


If it’s any family member thing, Skye would be related to the character your thinking of making, since Skye is Rosaleigh’s cousin.


I finished with Night.

I think I made him too dangerous and shady.


Do you have anyone for Skye Parks?