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Well, Skye has one friend, and Rose; Her cousin.


@leslie.creates Would you want Elizabeth and Noelle be childhood friends, but fallen out of touch?

Also, if anyone wants any relationships with Noelle, just PM me or post here and tag me!


Yes that’s sounds good!


Could my character and yours maybe be either friends or dating?

My character: Alex Henderson


I don’t really care what relationship, really. :slight_smile:


Okay! I guess dating :wink:


Since our characters are related, would rather they all be cousins, our character’s be siblings or I just change my characters relationship with Rosaleigh?


I kinda want them all to be cousins and your character will be siblings with Skye, since… I don’t want you to change your relationship with Rosaleigh, and all the other changes or whatever.


Ok, are you sure? Are you going to rewrite your character biography because I don’t want to cause you any trouble or wasted time…


I’m not gonna rewrite it, it’s fine really, I didn’t really explain deep into her family members.


Thanks, I just have some final questions…

Do you want Skye to be older or younger than my character (Marcus)? Or do you want them to be twins?

Are Skye and Marcus close as siblings or are they distant?

What’s Skye’s last name?

Now the only problem is is finding an FC that looks like Skye…

  1. I think Marcus should be older.
  2. Close.
  3. Parks
    FC part: Just find one with brown hair and blue eyes.


Found these:

Tell me if any them look ok!

Also, a few more questions…

Do our characters have both their parents?

Where did/do our characters live?

Are there any more siblings/pets in the family?



I am looking for a relationship (mostly a boyfriend!) for my character Reagan Kip. Her face claim is this

She is one of the detectives. Look at face claims for more info

@IIChanII @Coolepisodes @riahh30 @leslie.creates @Kale @Ella @dramaqueen.episode @ThatRandomPerson @livvy613 @Epi.Sympatics


I know you weren’t asking me but I like the last one the best! :slight_smile:


Is that still happening or have you found someone?


I have a male character named, Ryder Renolds, if you want to look at faceclaims…?


I start break tomo so I should have time to make him then if thats okay!


I will make a male soon pretty much like her, could they maybe have a crush on each other but too shy to tell it?


Soo should I introduce my charachter (name, age, looks etc.) or what? As I’ve said, I’m new to this haha. Oh and my charachter doesn’t want a relationship :slight_smile: He’s more of a ‘I help my friends with their problems but I’d rather keep mine to myself’ type