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Submitted :smiley:


Hey so my character, Jonas, is quite a player. He will have dated most - maybe even all of the thriving girls. Who’s okay with being one of Jonas’ exes?

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I can well Elizabeth can


Bella Is a surviving girl, though she has been through most the boys so maybe her?

  1. They both have their parents.
  2. They did live in California in a small house.
  3. I haven’t really added pets really, but I would love for them to have a small bunny named Snowy.

Also, I like the first FC. :slight_smile:


I have no thriving girls :wink:


Can anyone help me out? What am I supposed to do right now?


I’m not @Ella, but I suggest you start forming relationships (etc. friends, exes, enemies)! :slight_smile:


Ah thank you for telling me this! :slight_smile:

Sooo who wants to be my friend or enemy (should I name my charachter already?)


No, I’m still open if you want! But just a desclaimer, Marcus (my character) dosen’t like any strong commitments… would you mind if later in the RP, Marcus breaks up/ take a break with Reagan just to create drama? :wink:


Bronwyn can be one of his exes?


I sent in some of my characters info!! I will send the rest through pm when I get on my computer!!!
His name is JD and he is definitely a player, doesn’t date really though, he’s a sporty boy but not that smart. If anyone wants to plot we sure can!




What/who is your character?

How is this?

Marcus’s Bio
Before moving to Crosswell, Marcus lived in a small house in California with his parents and his younger sister Skye. As children, Marcus and Skye were always close and still are today. Their bond got stronger after coping with the death of Rosaleigh, their cousin. After the death, Marcus’s grades started to slack and he lost some close relationships. He can be found at any skateboard hangout or hanging with his sister or with any close friends.


Oh my god.

I’m shook.


I think JD and Jonas would be best friends


Hunter needs some friends too


@Ella, awesome!! that sounds good to me!!
anyone else want to plot??


Does anybody want a relationship with Oasis Kala?


we can come up with one if you want!