Secrets of Crosswell High || Roleplay Signups


Sure? Who’s your character?


JD! I’m pretty sure he is on the slides now.


@riahh30 @Kale so maybe Reagan could be in a relationship with Ryder (riahh30’s character) but have a crush on @Kale’s soon to be male and then breakup with Ryder to go for @Kale’s character?


I submitted, his name is Leo.


That’s fine.


Did you get my character I submitted?


Yeah I’ll add her to the faceclaims!


This roleplay will be starting next weekend!

@Leytey @IIChanII @Blonde_Glasses_Girl @riahh30 @Kale @leslie.creates @ThatRandomPerson @Livvy613 @CoolEpisodes @Madilnel @Beth_Episode @IIChanII


I can’t find him in the fc


Ellla didn’t add him yet. She has now.




Is it still possible for me to join? I’ve been on a little break, but I’m back. If so, should I make a male as it’s not balanced enough or can I make two characters of both genders?


I would love for you to join, welcome back!
I’d be more than happy for you to make two characters of both genders. Also please think of a way the two characters could have contributed to Rose’s death and PM me your ideas!


Alrighty, when are signups due? I’ll have to think about some ways, heh.


Well I want the roleplay to start next weekend, so if your character can be submitted before that it would be great!


The roleplay starts tomorrow guys!

@Leytey @IIChanII @Blonde_Glasses_Girl @riahh30 @Kale @leslie.creates @ThatRandomPerson @Livvy613 @CoolEpisodes @Madilnel @Beth_Episode @IIChanII @epi.sympatics @epi.alyssaa


Is it starting today?


Yes! I’m just making a list to get together all of the character’s contributions to Rose’s suicide, so it can be a bit more organised - then we can start!


Hi! I submitted a form and PMd you @Ella my faceclaim :smile::smile:


My character Amora is open in case anyone wants to approach her :grin::grin: