Secrets that haunt your town/city

What are some city/town secrets you have? They don’t actually have to be secrets, just things that people rather not talk about. Do you guys remember that crazy facebook killer many years ago? Sadly he killed my best friend’s sister, I’m not going to give the name of where I live, but it got a lot of media coverage, even worse his brother is my english teacher. No one speaks about it, literally no one. My school didn’t even bother teaching people about safety of the internet, I haven’t heard much people talk about the girl who was killed, but her sister tells me a lot about her, it’s so sad that people want to hide it and forget it ever happened. The truly haunting thing is that the victim went to my secondary school and was taught for 5 years by her killer’s brother.


Oh my god, that’s terribile, it happened in real live??


Well I dont think there are any secrets where I live, but there is this abandoned hospital that no one knows why it is abandoned.


Wow that’s horrible. May she Rest In Peace. A tragic way to pass.


Yes sadly, the place I live has a pretty big population, but we all know each other.


Omg that’s so weird.


Well, the high school my sister goes to has a ghost (they say).
Pratically, before it was an high school it was a convent/monastery and there were nuns, one nun was in love with a guy and every night she went looking for him at the window, this guy loved her too. But then mother superior found it out and came up with an idea.

A few days ago, the guy came in the convent to look for her, but mother superior said that she didn’t ever heard of her, so the guy asked to look into the name appeal, and her name wasn’t there, so he surrendered.

Do you guys want to know the end?

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Idk if I believe this story…


There was a murder in my backyard about 40 years ago. Nobody knows anything about it…
I actually considered using it for story inspiration!


Yeah I want to use mine, for a new story!


It’s not really a city secret/mystery but there is a empty space in my neighborhood with nothing but a garden, which is really weird because it’s very expensive to own land where I live and no one ever saw a building there and I asked a person that lived there for over 40 years. The weird thing about is that it seems as if someone is taking care of the garden because although the plants are messy they never grow to the street. we also sometimes get mail for that address delivered to our house, because that would be house number 20 and we live in house number 19. But there is never a name on the letters. A neighbor always sends it somewhere else ( I don’t know where) and also someone must have contacted Google to remove it from their street view because it only appears blurred. I think that this is very suspicious when you consider that no one lives there and no one ever saw someone come there.

sorry for my bad English, it’s my third language


Ok guys I’ll continue my story!

Then this guy surrendered and someone says that mother superior put her into a wall with chains all around her.

Today there’s a class where students hear noises and female screams and chains noises.

My sister professor even saw her at night (bcs they were doing something in the school) she saw her walking, but he couldn’t see her face, just her back.

And every night of you go in fromt of that high school you can see a green light moving all around the high school. My sister saw it.

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Usually I don’t believe things if I don’t see them with my eyes, (I often make people pissed, bcs I don’t trust what they say :see_no_evil: my bad) so I don’t know if to believe it…

It’s a lil scary, bcs I am going to that high school in 2 years.

that doesn’t exist in my town

oh damn, is your house haunted?

That’s strange af, lmao the owners must be right weirdos.

I mean, I’m pretty horrifying. But nahh

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During ww2 my city was a mess (obviously), not only for H*tler but as I live in Italy we also had Mussolini. For this every important building in my city is shaped as an “M”, even my old school, for his initials. What people don’t know is that obviously there were people who were against him but since he was a dictator he would silence them by killing them. So the owner of a cafe created an intricate route of underground tunnels that connect to different other spots of the city and even its surroundings. The tunnels were built behind a wall and then hid with a portrait. Those tunnels still exist and the current owner of the cafe even has the map of them. If you haven’t studied our town’s history you most likely don’t know about them, not even the locals know that they exist.


Wow that’s pretty amazing, and thanks for the history lesson, I never knew that Mussolini made all the building shaped as an “M”… wtaf

There’s an abandoned mansion near my neighbourhood, where a woman killed her 3 children and husband before killing herself…happened like 34 years ago


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