See you again TurtleTrainer


Dear Episodians, I have important news… @TheTurtleTrainer has been silenced. It’s going to be hard not seeing your posts until the 16th, we’ll see you again. No shade intended, it’s awareness, not advice. Plus I’m aware we’re getting flagged, just my topic was closed so I could no longer share my opinions (completely off topic so I’ll shut up). :heart:



nooooooooo that happened to me not too long ago and I only recently got off it. We’ll miss you Turtle!


Damn sista, same here. :heart:


What happened? :confused:


Moved to Episode Fan Community as this is Episode community related. As always, please refer to our forum rules and tutorial so your post’s no longer get flagged. This is great advice to our entire community.


Advice… it’s awareness. :laughing:


If you were aware you wouldn’t be getting flagged as often as you and other users have been :wink:


Same as me I’m guessing, our comments were deemed as inappropriate. :heart:


Please private message me with any questions you might have regarding the topic that was closed due to the user providing inaccurate information regarding the forum team and our actions, which is against forum rules. I would be more than happy to discuss this. Thanks.


But like @Jeremy has explained no one is abusing the flag button. Not even trying to be salty.


I’m glad that we have an understanding :slight_smile:. Now let’s get back on topic :smiley:


AWW … r.i.p until you come back. We’ll miss the wife of Carl Grimes :sob:


I love her infatuation with Carl, it’s too funny!


:joy::joy: ikr


I will miss you @TheTurtleTrainer :sob:


Why do they silence people?


Changing the post content, due to post being flagged for being off-topic:
I’ll miss you @TheTurtleTrainer! :two_hearts: luv you



I’m free!!!


Hooray! :tada:


Welcome back! :tada: :balloon: :confetti_ball: