⭐️ Seeing Gold Cover Contest ⭐️ //CLOSED

No worries :grin: take care of yourself! :two_hearts::sparkles:

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@Nat.Alia @Writers.Block.Phobia @Lana_Carter @Saphire_Nguyen @KylieJay @Sarah.Sameeha @teekay @goldenwaterlily

Hey everyone! I am officially back in the episode community (please read my recent post regarding it on my Instagram @tamara.episde) and I am very sorry for the super long wait! Although I’m not completely sure whether I’ll continue writing the story right now or not, I have decided on the arts to be used in the story in the future!

This was a very difficult decision to make, but here are the winners! (And you all deserve honourable mentions as everyone did wonderful)

small cover - @Saphire_Nguyen

large cover - @KylieJay

Also to be used in story:

  1. @goldenwaterlily

  2. @teekay

  3. @Lana_Carter

Honourable Mentions: @Nat.Alia @Writers.Block.Phobia @Sarah.Sameeha

Love you all and thanks for sticking w me :pleading_face::heart:


Wow thank you so much, and congrats to the other winners as well!! :revolving_hearts: