Seeking an artist who can make an cover art (for credit)

hey i need an cover art for my new story: the secret of notes
i don’t have money but of course you get credit for it.

here is the descripton of the story:
When a girl transfers to a new school she meets the bad boy, who is also in a band. What wills they do when they catch feelings for each other, and they find out they are destined for each other. How will she deal with all the fangirls and jealousy?

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maybe i can help
but i can only do portraits, shoulder up and bust up

so you can make me the landscape cover (if you know what i mean)

i can either find a picture and edit it or try to draw it
depends on what kind of landscape

sorry i am new in this community but i mean like a landscape size cover
like you klik on a story and you have a small cover

oh so you mean large cover (the horizontal one)


oky pm me the deets and ill tell u what can i do