Seeking Coder (Again)

Hello again everyone! To get right into it, I’m seeking an available coder familiar with advanced zooms and spot placing. I’ve been working on my story Cutting Ties for a long time and I’ve made it my mission to publish this year. I already have the first 4 episodes drafted and am in the process of adding in the background pictures (in attempt to be helpful) I’ve had little luck with partners sticking around and finishing past half of the first episode before disappearing. So third and final time’s the charm… I just want to get my story out there finally.
Any questions or if you’d like to see the cover just ask :slight_smile: more info on my Insta @cocoalia_episode

Can you send me an example of your script, like a small part, so I can see what you’re working with?

My dialogue script or coding script from previous partners?

Both would be helpful. Are you looking for a coder because you’re not sure how to code advanced zooms and certain spot directing or something else?

I don’t know how to code period lol and I haven’t had the time to sit down and learn. I’ve always wanted to publish a story because I love writing and this story is very personal to me so I finally want to put it out.

Can you pm me your email so I can send it to you in a folder on google drive?

Sent! Are you doing limelight or ink? Easier for me to get it copied and sent by knowing.

Limelight :slight_smile:

I don’t think they are any different as far as coding. But it’s so I can do it and see how it looks.
Let me know when you have everything sent over!

Fixing to do it in a sec

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