Seeking Experienced Artists

Hello everyone! I’m currently creating this super exciting Magicka Story however right now i’m having a little trouble creating my map.

I just created my land and I have everything planned where I want the towns and cities to go but the app won’t let me add any city roads, trees, mountains and buildings that I need.

If anyone is able to help me out I’d appreciate it so much and i’d even pay because I know how much hard work and time goes into creating art! If you are interested I’ll send you my map and then we can communicate where I want my city names etc! and of course I will mention you in my credits!!!

TIA Lovelies!


So you’re looking for someone to make your map…?

Pretty much all artists on here draw characters. Not maps. Even commission artists.

Experience artists that draw backgrounds are rare and most have requests closed. What’s more realistic is getting an editor to edit the trees, roads, etc. Or you getting a not-so experienced artist that need practice.

please check your dm in here

I recommend Inkarnate if you wanted to try creating a map yourself if you haven’t already tried it. It’s really easy to use.